Bringing people all the way through the length of the Peninsula part of DIP is critical to the sustainability of the community's businesses and residents.  Providing access to Mobile's waters is a low cost, low impact way to show off our beauty while retaining our coastal integrity.  

  • The Dog River Scenic Blueway begins at the mouth of the River offering six launch sites throughout the vast urban watershed.  There are four launch sites on the Peninsula: Robinson Bayou in the Gulf Dale neighborhood, two at McNally Park - Perch Creek East and West and at Helen Wood Park at the mouth of Mobile Bay.  This "combat" launch takes you into the Bay where you navigate under the iconic Dog River Bridge and into the more protected waters of the River where more launch sites await upstream.

    Teaming with our partners with Dog River Clearwater Revival, hundreds come to the Peninsula to enjoy paddling events like the annual Great Drift.