Known for decades as D.I.P. or “the Parkway,” many are now calling it “The Peninsula”. Just where is it? What is it like as a place to shop and live?

To tell you the truth, there are lots of us who live along this five‐mile stretch of Dauphin Island Parkway who don’t know we are a “peninsula” — surrounded on three sides by the waters of Dog River, Mobile Bay and numerous creeks! It’s probably because the big waters are on our “edges” and not easily seen as we drive down the Parkway except as wonderful surprises at the end of many of our neighborhood streets. Read on!

Starting at I‐10’s Exit 22, head south into Mobile’s only coastal community. First, on the right, you’ll pass the site of our Peninsula Visitor Center just before the Waffle House – planned for a 2017 opening.

If you turn right on any of the nearby quiet streets, you’ll end up on the banks of Dog River or one of its many tributaries.

Back on the corridor heading south on DIP, you’ll drive through our business districts containing grocery and drug stores, automotive services, banks, schools, and several unusual and fun places to get a snack or lunch.

Nearer the end, you’ll pass miles of marshland that surround one of Mobile’s clean urban streams –- Perch Creek and a cool place to pull over and pull out your fishing pole and picnic lunch. Known to locals as “the Perch Creek Fishing Hole”, this quiet spot offers great fishing and a place to launch your kayak either east toward the bay or across the street on the west side toward Dog River.

On the southern horizon, you’ll see the rise of the Dog River Bridge built high enough to allow shrimp boats and tall masted sailboats to enter Mobile Bay from the City’s urban river.

Once again, if you detoured to the left or the right off of the Parkway and put on your adventurer’s cap, you‘ll get a glimpse of the residential opportunities in The Peninsula. The housing is eclectic in some areas, reflecting the decades in which they were built. Some homes are on the paved streets, some nestled off the road on small curving lanes, some in “proper” neighborhoods, and there’s even some condos on the River.

Speaking of waterfront homes, your choice could be on the Bay, on the River, ‐ both wide part or narrower, or on the canals, some natural and some man‐made.

Price ranges? The Peninsula offers you what your budget can handle: “starter” homes in the $60’s, neighborhoods in the $80’s and $90’s, and of course, those waterfront dream homes are available with prices ranging from $300,000 to a million plus. Speaking of “plus”, once you drive around and get acquainted with us, you’ll begin to feel a little quieter, a little less hurried, and a bit more open to the environment in general – some “plus” benefits you may not find in town!

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Come on down –- Life is good on The Peninsula!