Businesses use varied criteria as they search for a new location – such as demographics, accessibility, need for products or services, target customers, fair pricing in purchase or leasing and competition.  Consider the Peninsula in your search. You’ll find encouraging facts, not the least of which will be the lack of competition and strong community interest in welcoming new services to the area.

  • The Visitor Center (as you enter The Peninsula at I-10’s Exit 22) is planned for a 2021 opening. Educational kiosks will tell visitors of the recreational, shopping and services available to them just ahead as they drive South.

  • The Business Corridor of the Peninsula offers grocery and drug stores, automotive services, banks, schools and several unusual and fun places to get a snack or lunch.  It is to this Corridor that we want to attract businesses selling goods and services reflecting our low impact, coastal living lifestyle.

  • Toward the end of the Corridor near the Dog River Bridge, miles of marshland surround the visitor on both sides. This marshland protects the waters of Perch Creek; the Perch Creek Preserve now being established will further protect this area. The Perch Creek Bridge  being raised by ALDOT gives kayakers and canoers easier access to the West side of the Creek and Dog River.

  • The residential areas on either side of the Corridor range from “starter” homes, to mid-price neighborhoods, to waterfront homes with values up to a million dollars and over. This variation gives  businesses access to a substantial employee pool plus a loyal customer base. Those upper price households also give businesses access to a sizable group of people with disposable income.