The following photos reflect the beauty of our unique coastal community and its people.

2017 Dog River’s Annual Great Drift, this time from Perch Creek.
Ospreys build nest. Photo: Debi Foster
Alba Beach, privately owned by MAWSS, has suffered severe erosion over decades of wave action. Photo: Debi Foster
Perch Creek West off DIP is a launch into the Dog River Scenic Blueway. Photo: Debi Foster
Cruise ship heading to Mobile River. Photo: Greg Vrachalus.
Paddle along Perch Creek.
Snowy Egret. Photo: Debbie Watkins
Raccoon. Photo: Debi Foster
Spider Lily
Gulf fritillary butterfly feeds on native Lantana. Photo: Debi Foster
Native coastal goldenrod is not an allergen. It’s the neighboring ragweed that makes you sneeze. Photo: Debi Foster
Groundsel tree (Baccharis halimifolia) is a wetland native popular with all things that buzz. Photo: Debi Foster
God’s reminder that it’s Easter.
Great American White Pelicans winter along the shores of Mobile Bay. Photo: Debi Foster
American Woodcock hides among the forest floor of the Perch Creek area. Photo: Debi Foster
Shrimpers call it day on Mobile Bay. Heading into Dog River. Photo: Debi Foster
Hundreds participate every year in our annual Crepe Myrtle Trail Ride across Brookley Field and down the Western Shore of Mobile Bay.