Future Development: As our Peninsula community gains momentum, albeit through Brookley’s success or our increasingly popular blue & green trail systems, it becomes more important than ever to look closely at all development planned for and around our corridor.  

Do we want asphalt and concrete and the resulting stormwater runoff into our streams, creeks, river and bay and increased flooding potential or, do we want to retain the quality of life we know and love among the gentle breezes, changing tides, marshes and wildlife?

The zoning and planning laws for the City of Mobile are in the lengthy process of being updated through the new Map for Mobile Comprehensive Plan.  The desires of the community through the Peninsula Corridor Master Plan will follow.  However, current zoning regulations are in effect today.  Please see an edited version of potential uses per certain zone classifications that are common along our corridor.  

Future Development

Ron Nykvist photos July 2013