Wetlands for Sale

As the community grows, whether from Brookley or Airbus’s successes , it is critical that we look closely at all development planned for and around our corridor.  Ensuring Smart growth techniques are used in the years ahead in this coastal community is needed.  Smart growth is defined as growth that fully institutes low impact development practices which result in less stormwater runoff, less flooding and cleaner waters.

Do we want acres of asphalt and concrete and the resulting heat and stormwater runoff into our streams, creeks, river and bay and the increased flooding it brings? Or, do we want to retain the quality of life we know and love among the gentle breezes, changing tides, marshes and wildlife?  

Common practice building techniques that replaces acres of absorbing surface with hard stormwater creating concrete & asphalt.

The severely outdated zoning and planning laws for the City of Mobile are in the process of being updated through the new Map for Mobile Comprehensive Plan.  The Peninsula of Mobile has been at the table representing our community for over two years and have requested a special overlay district for this unique coastal community that would require all construction abide by low-impact development techniques.

If passed as proposed, a Peninsula Overlay District will be established that recognizes the community for the unique place it is inside the city limits – the coast protecting the rest of the City from storm surge and cleansing stormwater before it hits Mobile Bay.