The Peninsula of Mobile is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit community based organization. Our mission is the re-development of Mobile’s Coastal Peninsula through utilizing its abundant natural resources, showcasing its many values and guiding its growth in a way that will sustain the sensitive environment that IS … The Peninsula.

When the organization formed in 2013, its focus was the creation of a Master Plan toward Low Impact Development for the City of Mobile’s only urban coastal community. The plan, “The Mobile Peninsula Corridor Master Plan”, was released in July 2016, outlining seven (7) key development areas (centers) that run the length of the land mass, each possessing their own identity.

While the overall goal includes the blending of current waterfront bike and kayak trails into a large recreation preserve at the Peninsula southernmost end that is advertised at the northend’s new Visitor Center, the plan’s details include:

  • looking at each center’s built environment;
  • use of Low Impact Development strategies;
  • mobility and connectivity;
  • neighborhoods;
  • infrastructure; and
  • economic development

Such a destination will attract users and increase economic opportunities and property values throughout the length of The Peninsula, breathing life into local businesses.

View the Master Plan Power Point presentation.

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Historical Timeline